Interactive installation with Camera Tracking, 2160×3840, realtime
Dorotheum Vienna, since 2017

This real-time tracking installation displays different paintings sold at Dorotheum Vienna. The animated artworks interact with the audience and respond to the behaviour of the viewer. If the audience shows interest in the painting, the digital artwork is „flattered“ and might smile at you, if there’s no attention paid, it gets „bored“ quickly.

Thanks to Matthias Husinsky for technical support!


1) Workshop of Peter Paul Rubens – Portraits of Archduke Albrecht
2) Franz Xaver Kosler –  A Bedouin
3) Associate* of Raffaello Sanzio, called Raphael – Madonna and Child
4) Mel Ramos –  Peek-a-boo Marilyn: Lost painting of 1964
5) Bartolomeo Veneto –  Cardinal Ippolito d’Este
6) Egon Schiele – Liegende Frau
7) Tiberio di Tito-  Portrait of a young boy of the Florentine nobility
8) Maria Lassnig – Untitled (Aug) 2000
9) Badile- Portrait of an artist, possibly a self-portrait
10) Eugen von Blaas – The Awakening
11) Elaine Sturtevant- ‘Peinture à Haute Tension’
12) Simon Vouet-  Portrait of a Gentleman with his dog
13)Lot No.  526 Osman Hamdi Bey – Dame turque de Constantinople
14)Lot No. 117 Giovanni Paolo Castelli, Lo Spadino-  Allegory of Summer